Rehearsal Dinner Dress Sadness

image1xl Rehearsal Dinner Dress Sadness

Planning this wedding has definitely had its ups and downs. Just like everything as in life, not everything is easy, but who knew that even finding a simple (ok, not totally simple – but as least sparkly) dress for the rehearsal dinner would be so difficult. I fell in love with this one from ASOS and before buying it I measured myself a million times to compare our US size to ¬†UK sizes, and even watched the video of the model wearing it. But now I’m back to square one with just about three weeks to find a dress because this one was literally cut like a pillow case with two holes for the arms! Pretty sure wearing this would require Adrian to carry a vegetable peeler because I looked like I was wearing a potato sack. Sad day.


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2 Responses to Rehearsal Dinner Dress Sadness

  1. Mam

    Maggie Dear – You could wear a “potato sack” and still look AMAZINGLY BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!, as always…….
    Did you finally find one that you like????

  2. Brooke

    Oh no! Did you consider getting it altered? I know a great tailor here in S Tampa who could get it done in 2 days or less. He’s done 4 shift dresses of mine and they look fantastic! Let me know if you want his info :)

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