Matchbox Love

gingerjarmatchbox Matchbox Love

How fantastic are these blue & white ginger jar matchboxes from the Annechovie shop on Etsy?! Anne has the most cutest things ever on her Etsy shop & I literally wanted everything, but could only afford these super cute matchboxes (3 for $8!) for the moment. It worked out well though because I have been looking for matchboxes to keep in our living room & my office, and these are just perfect.

Growing up, we had an almost identical blue & white ginger jar that sat on a pedestal just outside the bathroom. Everyday I would throw my candy wrappers, q-tips, dryer lint and whatever else I didn’t feel like throwing away into the trash can into this beautiful jar. It’s gross, I know, but it was a habit that I couldn’t break (plus somehow my mom never yelled at me despite her knowing that I did it!) The best part about this story is that when we moved into our new house last month, my mom gave the ginger jar to me as a house warming gift and it now sits on our vintage end table in the living room.

Not only do I think that these matchboxes add character to the room, but they’re also a good conversation starter because of they’re so unique! Oh yeah, and I bought them in pink & yellow too (for my office), so stay tuned for those pics! XO

matchboxetsy Matchbox Love

blueandwhitegingerjar Matchbox Love

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