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Enchanted Forest

pib pinterest Enchanted Forest studdedbag Enchanted Forest

This is as close as it gets to an enchanted forest in Tampa, as this city is typically covered with palm trees or a lack of sky scrapers! I actually stumbled upon this tree over the weekend, and believe it or not it’s a stone throw away from my front door. How have I missed its beauty for the last 12 months? Not sure, but all I know now is that I love it. And what a good time to find it – it’s eeriness is cool & creepy, perfect for Halloween time.

pib pinterest Enchanted Forest MaggiePhilbin Enchanted Forest

[rocking minimal makeup, Zara shirt, leather pant & shoe, Forever 21 studded bag, necklace from Liz Murtagh Boutique in Tampa]

pib pinterest Enchanted Forest forever21studbag Enchanted Forest

pib pinterest Enchanted Forest enchantedforest Enchanted Forest


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Low 80s

pib pinterest Low 80s cornmazelakeland Low 80s [thrifted DKNY chambray shirt, Zara faux leather pants,  H&M sunnies]

Cool temperatures in Tampa mean low to mid 80s, & when I read about all my blogger friends in different states preparing for the cool weather, I must admit I get a little jealous. I’d like to get cozy in an oversized sweater, infinity scarf and real leather jackets, but all I get is faux leather pants and a chambray shirt! But I won’t complain in fear that Mother Nature will curse Florida this week and make it hot-ter than it’s forecasted to be. But here’s a look at a Fall outfit I wore this weekend at the corn maze. We had a blast not getting lost in the maze, munching on corn & shooting tennis balls out of a gun-like contraption in hopes of winning free snow cones.

pib pinterest Low 80s lakelandcornmaze Low 80s

pib pinterest Low 80s cornmazeinlakeland Low 80s


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Behind the Scenes

pib pinterest Behind the Scenes magsragstoriches1 Behind the Scenes

It’s easy to fall in love with the photos & words written by fashion bloggers – the photos always seem so perfect & the words so inspiring. You get to find original ways to pair outfits, experiment with new makeup techniques, and if you’re a fashion blogger yourself, you may even try to pose for pics like them. But the truth of the matter is the photos can often be deceiving and for new bloggers it can be heartbreaking & difficult to understand that. It’s like when we first start off we never know how to use our camera the right way, we may not have the best camera or we have to convince our boyfriends to stop watching football on Sundays to take photos of us to get the perfect photo in the ‘golden hour!’ And what readers don’t know is that we have take like one million, OK not really one million, but often 100+ photos just to get 5 that we love. So here’s a look at some photos that Adrian & I took this week for an interview that I did with the Tampa Bay Times (you can read the Fab Friday article by the Deal Divas here!). So truth be told, we took like 150+ pics just to get a few good ones! And it’s like this every week FYI ; )

pib pinterest Behind the Scenes magsragstoriches41 Behind the Scenes [we forget we're wearing ostrich feathers and position our arms like wings]

pib pinterest Behind the Scenes magsragstoriches2 Behind the Scenes [we forget to look at the camera]

pib pinterest Behind the Scenes magsragstoriches82 Behind the Scenes [and hang out with cool ghostly orbs]

pib pinterest Behind the Scenes magsragstoriches81 Behind the Scenes [we make weird & angry faces]

pib pinterest Behind the Scenes magsragstoriches8 Behind the Scenes [and make serious model faces]

pib pinterest Behind the Scenes magsragstoriches6 Behind the Scenes [make sarcastic faces when we get tired]

pib pinterest Behind the Scenes magsragstoriches21 Behind the Scenes [fix our jewelry]

pib pinterest Behind the Scenes magsragstoriches Behind the Scenes [pull our eyebrows up]

pib pinterest Behind the Scenes magsragstoriches9 Behind the Scenes [and our shoulders back]

pib pinterest Behind the Scenes magsragstoriches3 Behind the Scenes [and of course, smile with our eyes closed!]

So here’s the truth of it all ~ no blogger is perfect, it takes forever to get the photos we love & like Oscar Wilde said, “Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.”

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Chanel Gold CC Brooch

pib pinterest Chanel Gold CC Brooch chanelbrooch Chanel Gold CC Brooch This is the LAST of my purchases – I swear! I actually ordered this online before I made a promise to myself & Adrian that I would stop spending, start consigning & begin saving for a house!

As you may or may not have known, I’ve been on a hunt for this gold Chanel double CC brooch for months. I bought this one online at, an online luxury consignment shop. They first posted a brooch similar to this one about 3 weekends ago, and when I went to buy it, it was instantly sold. Crushed & slightly panicking, I emailed Malleries to see if they had any others coming & if so, if they could email me to alert me or take payment via phone. They immediately wrote back and said that they thought they had another one coming in within the week and that they would send me a link to it as soon as it was available online.

Sure enough, they kept to their word and sent me the link to a new one (at like 2 a.m.), but by the time I saw it at 8 a.m. it was sold. I was crushed, again, so I emailed them back & told them how upset I was. By the next weekend they emailed me again and to tell me that the sale fell through because the purchaser didn’t pay for it online in time, and that I was able to buy it! So I did & it took less than a week for this beauty to arrive at my doorstep. I’m so thankful for the Malleries’ team who helped me get my wish-list item & for making this shopping experience nothing but amazing (well a little crazy, but I’ll deal!). It’s online shops like this that make happy customers!

pib pinterest Chanel Gold CC Brooch chanelbroochdoublecc1 Chanel Gold CC Brooch

pib pinterest Chanel Gold CC Brooch chanelbroochgold1 Chanel Gold CC Brooch

[Vintage Chanel Brooch. H&M Thrifted blazer $30. Forever 21 Jeans $9.80. H&M men's tee $5.95]


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Zara Collarless Jacket

pib pinterest Zara Collarless Jacketzarablazer2 Zara Collarless Jacket

I was supposed to be on a shopping hiatus, but I just couldn’t leave this collarless Zara blazer behind at the thrift store. My family was visiting this weekend & we here all shopping together, I mean that’s kind of like a vaca (right?) and vacas always mean you’re allowed to buy something new – so that’s how I am justifying buying it. It was a little more than I like to spend at thrift stores – $30 – but, it’s new with tags and the original tags were $159. So that’s just even more of a reason to not leave it behind : )

pib pinterest Zara Collarless Jacketzarablazer3 Zara Collarless Jacket

pib pinterest Zara Collarless Jacketzarablazer4 Zara Collarless Jacket

pib pinterest Zara Collarless Jacketzarablazer5 Zara Collarless Jacket


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